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Traditional Electronic, Synthpop
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A retrospective in the era of confrontation between two powerful empires - the USSR and the USA - in space, in the air, on land and at sea. The middle and the end of the 20th century: science and technological progress and the arms race. Different sides of melodic synthesizer music are colliding to create nostalgic and thrilling images of the past.
Selected chronology: launch of the satellite - USSR, October 4, 1957 - human flight into space - Yuri Gagarin, the Soviet Union, April 12, 1961 - human flight to the Moon - Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins, USA, July 2, 1969 - successful test of high-precision multi-subsonic cruise missile Tomahawk - USA, March 1980 - launch of the heavy missile submarine strategic project 941 Akula (SSBN Typhoon according to NATO classification) - the USSR, September 23, 1980 - flight of a single subsonic tactical stealth attack aircraft - USA, June 18, 1981.

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Posted by USC on 07 May 2012
Tags: ussr, usa, traditional electronic, technology, synthpop, synthesizer, soviet, melodic, cold war